Construction on your site

You own your own site and you are looking for an efficient and flexible contractor to accompany you through the many stages necessary to realising your new house? Les Constructions Raymond et Fils is the manager who will assist you and allow you to bring your project to life.

Turnkey constructions service

A turnkey service gives you peace of mind since it is a simple process that promotes efficiency. The contractor takes care of the home design and ensures its successful completion thanks to his team of professionals and his network of qualified partners.

With the exception of a few key decisions on your part in order to validate the choice of finishes and of various accessories, you have the freedom to pursue your family and professional activities, leaving it to Les Constructions Raymond et Fils to build your dream home according to your needs, your budget and within the agreed timeframe. Moreover, the majority of homes built by Les Constructions Raymond et Fils are built with a turnkey service in mind since this building and delivery concept entails several advantages. Amongst others:

  • You benefit from our expertise, demonstrated through the quality of the buildings we build, our construction methods, as well as our respect of timeline; hence, providing you with the optimal conditions for your project to be successful;
  • The completion of the project is simplified since you are only dealing with Les Constructions Raymond et Fils;
  • You benefit from our advice and recommendations when designing the building plan to optimize the architecture of your future home in order for it to be completed according to your wishes;
  • You avoid the hassles related to obtaining various permits, complying with municipal regulations or managing subcontractors since our company takes care of all these matters;
  • You get a guaranteed price before starting to build to avoid cost overruns;
  • Above all, you are guaranteed to get wholesome and fulfilling satisfaction from your new home thanks to an ongoing relationship between us, close monitoring of all subcontractors activities during the project, a regular quality check and our constant desire to offer cutting-edge building services.

Construction management service

Through this service, Les Constructions Raymond et Fils ensures the full management of a project’s realization at the level of our professionals and subcontractors.

This approach to management lets you participate and interact with all phases of your project, from discovering your needs through to the delivery of the final product.

Scope of services

  • Discovering your needs.
  • Conception of the desired home.
  • Scheduling works.
  • Search for subcontractors and comparison of tenders received.
    • Negotiations, recommendations and offer of construction contracts and subcontracts.
    • Creation and enforcement of the work schedule.
    • Implementation of projects.
    • Coordination and supervision of works.
    • Representing on behalf of the client at the Commission de la santé et de la sécurité au travail du Québec (CSST).
    • Creation and application of risk management program adapted for the specific works.
    • Verifying subcontractor conformity to CSST and CCQ to prevent suits.
  • Scrutinizing invoices according to the progress of subcontractors’ and furnishers’ work.
  • Holding site meetings and providing site reporting.
  • Research and application of technical solutions throughout construction.

Added value of our builds

Several important elements are often forgotten by our clients relating to the evaluation of the costs of their construction project. However, all these points must be taken into consideration to allow a quality building but avoiding nasty surprises. Our added value guarantees you peace of mind and gives you the assurance that you will have a quality house which will protect your family in the years to come.

Houses built with Les Constructions Raymond et Fils Inc. benefit from our expertise, which includes the following elements :

  • Optimization of plans and review of noticeable features such as construction defects or features requiring difficult maintenance or resulting in additional costs;
  • Plan modification service;
  • Professional designer services in regards to the choice of materials;
  • Topographical survey and building layout;
  • Optimal layout of building on the site during excavation;
  • Pumping;
  • Preparation of adequate soil under the foundation;
  • Supply of a gas power generator;
  • Temporary power supply and hook-up fee with Hydro Québec;
  • Formwork verification prior to concreting;
  • Verification of reinforcing steel;
  • Installation and inspection of additional reinforcement to the balcony;
  • Supporting heel to balcony formwork;
  • Temporary shelters for balcony and concrete curing;
  • Watertight drainage;
  • Installation of ground insulation at garage level, shifting and compacting of sand;
  • Inspection of carpentry, revision of loft plans, roof trusses, beams and assembly;
  • Validation of masonry flashing, BlueSkin type;
  • Roof draining;
  • Installation of shingle with a 25 to 40-year lifetime;
  • Installation of junction membranes under the reducing connectors, as a supplementary intervention;
  • Planning the installations with subcontractors and with you, for logical placement of mechanical systems (entry and alarm system, plumbing, ventilation, etc.). Construction to integrate the mechanical systems (mock beams, furring of walls, etc.);
  • Ventilation system sealed and cleaned before being started up;
  • Novoclimat ventilation and air exchange system, component and rigid sheath;
  • Roof ventilation and micro-ventilation;
  • Details from electrician for Novoclimat;
  • Smart thermostats;
  • “Power Pipe” plumbing;
  • Novoclimat plumbing accessories (see budget) and membrane for shower surfaces;
  • Protection of plumbing during construction (bath, shower, etc.);
  • Verification of the envelope prior to installing gypsum. 20-point inspection;
  • Inspection of the seals with lamps and painter;
  • Verification of floors prior to installing wood flooring (bumps, creaking, etc.). 15-point inspection;
  • Protection of flooring following installation;
  • Protection of stairs with fireboard;
  • Installation of light fittings;
  • Installation of the extractor hood;
  • Leak detection testing and reporting;
  • Provision of containers;
  • Daily site clearance;
  • Clearance prior to deliveries;
  • Rough levelling prior to deliveries and clearance of construction debris at the exterior;
  • Pre-reception and reception meetings at site to avoid deficiencies;
  • After-sales service;
  • Membership to the Garantie de construction résidentielle (GCR).

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