About us

Since 1982, the company builds homes, with over time proven quality, and this is what it will continue to show for years to come.

Our mission

To construct personalised homes of superior quality, which are durable and respect the budget and needs of our clients in residential projects that have a focus on respecting quality of life.

Our vision

To be a company known for being an innovative practitioner who continuously improves its residential construction practices in order to offer to clients an ever-better performing and ecologically responsible product.

Our values

Les Constructions Raymond et Fils values are manifest in the commitment of its employers and partners towards excellence. Conscious of the demands of competence, we work together as a team to build houses which satisfy the highest industry standards and the most specific requirements of our clients.

Our philosophy

Each house built by Les Constructions Raymond et Fils is unique, because it is the fruit of in-depth reflections on the part of its future occupants. During the creation of a house conceived according to clients’ specifications, the company is driven by a concern for detail and for a desire to do things well. This philosophy for quality of construction explains the very high rate of satisfaction that clients of Les Constructions Raymond et Fils express.