When buying a new home, choosing the quality level of the property’s components can be a complicated task for prospective owners.

Aware of this reality, Les Constructions Raymond & Fils has classified the most popular options according to two types of construction specifications. Customers can choose the package that suits them best, according to the desired quality: Prestige or Contemporain specs.

Our Construction Specifications

+ for Option
√ for Included
Customer service Prestige Contemporary
Professional design service + (5) hours
Professional architecture service
Registration to the Garantie de construction résidentielle (GCR) – Company’s rating AA
Building certificate of location
5-step quality control during construction:
– Inspection of the carpentry and structure
– Before laying gypsum
– After applying the gypsum
– Before laying the wooden floor
– Before delivery
Exclusive after-sales service
External design and foundation Prestige Contemporary
Selective clearing of trees in the construction area
(according to the layout plan)
Ultra-resistant concrete foundations with reinforcement:
– 25 MPa for footings;
– 25 MPa for walls;
– 25 MPa for basement floor;
– 32 MPa for garage slab;
– 32 MPa for balcony.
Gross height of foundations 8′ 8′-5″
Crushed stone driveway (10″ thickness)
Concrete balcony with membrane formwork heel
Back balcony 10′ x 12′ treated lumber
with wood banister
10′ X 12′ concrete balcony
with aluminum banisters and tempered glass panels
Gross levelling
Structure, roof and insulation Prestige Contemporary
Wood joists, vibration standards L/480
2″ x 6″ exterior wall structure with 16″ spacing
9′ ceiling on ground floor or according to the model +
2″ x 4″ or 2″ X 6″ interior wall structure with girths
Shingles with self-adhesive membrane at perimeter and in roof joints 30-year warranty 40-year warranty
Low pitch or flat roof with two-layer elastomeric membrane
Double insulation around perimeter of doors and windows
“Blueskin” or “Resisto” waterproofing membrane around masonry flashing
End joists insulated with R24.5 soy-based sprayed urethane and a fire-retardant barrier in the basement if required
Structure, roof and insulation Prestige Contemporary
Raymond-Climat (comfort, health, energy efficiency):
– R50 insulation in roof space;
– R24.5 insulation in exterior walls;
– R17 insulation in basement;
– R5 insulation under concrete basement slab;
– Blower door test performed by a professional accredited by the AEE.
Novoclimat 2.0 (comfort, health, energy efficiency):
– R62 insulation in roof space;
– R29.5 insulation in exterior walls;
– R21 insulation in basement;
– R7.5 insulation under concrete basement slab;
– Blower door test by the AEE;
– Customer discount.
+ +
Exterior finishing Prestige Contemporary
Partial masonry facade Brick or concrete stone Brick or concrete stone or block
Siding on sides and back Engineered wood Engineered wood
Stucco finish on exterior foundation
Civic number or address plate +
Doors and windows Prestige Contemporary
Steel front door White Colour
Patio door White PVC
6′ wide
Colour hybrid or PVC
8′ wide or more
Steel service door in garage White Colour
Steel garage door R12 white
with motor belt drive system
R16 white
with direct drive system
“Thermo” Low-E and argon gas glazing in accordance with Novoclimat standards
Front windows Colour PVC casement windows Colour hybrid or PVC casement windows
Side and back windows White PVC casement windows Colour hybrid or PVC casement windows
Basement windows White PVC sliding windows
24″ high
Colour hybrid or PVC sliding or casement windows
24″ to 36″ high
Interior finishing Prestige Contemporary
Paint (8) choices of colours or finishes
Paint applied to trim with a spray gun
(10) choices of colours or finishes
Paint applied to trim with a spray gun
Garage Joint treatment
and rough timber staircase
Colour paint
and stained or painted pine staircase
Glass door for entrance hall
Masonite interior doors and choice of handles
Baseboards and frames Fontaine or 1000 series style
4″-1/8 baseboard
2″-3/4 frame
Zen 2000 series style
5″-1/2 baseboard
3″ frame
Ceramic floors $$
Allocated provision
Allocated provision
Cabinets and vanities $$
Allocated provision
Allocated provision
Kitchen counter Laminate Quartz or granite
Allocated provision
Ceramic kitchen backsplash $$
Allocated provision
Allocated provision
Hardwood floors $$
Allocated provision
Allocated provision
Cherry or oak wood staircase from ground floor to second floor Pre-stained
Wood newel posts, balusters and handrail
According to the model
Metal beams
Wood newel posts and handrail without risers
According to the model
Plumbing, electricity and ventilation Prestige Contemporary
Plumbing accessories, select distinct choices Prestige Group Contemporary Group
60-gallon electric storage tank
Rough-in without water in basement +
– Drain water heat recovery system
Water outlet (2) exterior outlets
(1) cold water outlet in garage
(2) exterior outlets
(1) cold water outlet in garage
Basin in garage +
Sump in garage (according to the model)
Shower in master bathroom 36″ x 48″ ceramic wall
and acrylic base
with glass door
36″ x 54″ built-in Italian shower
with glass panel or door
Stainless steel kitchen sink Double Double flush-mount
“Lennox” high-efficiency electric warm air furnace:
– Cartridge filter;
– Forced-air humidifier;
– Programmable thermostat with touch screen.
Heat-recovery air exchanger with silent ventilation, bathroom and/or wash-up room (2)
Range hood Installation included Installation included
Electric baseboard heating with electronic thermostats Garage and basement Basement
“Dragon” heating in garage +
Exterior lighting outlets and GFI protected exterior electrical outlets (12) lighting outlets
(2) GFI outlets
(14) lighting outlets
including (10) recessed LED
(3) GFI outlets
Interior and circuit lighting (1) lighting outlets per room
(2) outlets in the kitchen, hallway, bathrooms and garage
(1) lighting outlets per room
(2) outlets in the kitchen, hallway, bathrooms and garage
LED recessed interior lights + (10) recessed
Installation of standard light fixtures
Screwless decorative wall plates +
Heated ceramic floor + +
Interlocking smoke detectors and carbon monoxide detector
Circuit for future charging station
Special accessories Prestige Contemporary
Propane or natural gas fireplace
Model SL32 or equivalent

Model SLR42 or equivalent
Natural gas appliances Available depending on the project Available depending on the project
“Cyclo Vac” central vacuum cleaner, including high-end accessories
Full alarm system
Cable and telephone outlets including cover plates (8) outlets (10) outlets
Home automation, PA system, camera and built-in wiring Available on demand Available on demand
Closets with wire shelves
Powder room and bathroom mirror
Home cleaning before delivery