Creation of a partnership with the Primeau Vélo Racing team!

By Anissa Robitaille

Assistant to the President

Telephone: 450-979-4847

We are proud to announce our new partnership with the Primeau Vélo Racing team. Our collaboration brings to the forefront our love for local talent and our shared passion for excellence and innovation.

It is Canada’s largest women’s cycling team. The team includes athletes from across the country, showcasing Canadian talent on an international scale. Our company promotes the values of our partner who brings out the full potential of each of its athletes by soliciting their dedication and deep desire to develop as a team.

Primeau Vélo Racing is a cycling team based in Montreal, led by coach Christine Gillard. She has a wealth of experience, having been a cyclist in the past. The team radiates internationally thanks to the various camps and training sessions that are based on continuous improvement and development to reach the next level.

Furthermore, “Primeau Vélo Racing is more than a simple road cycling team. This team is an inspiring personal development project where self-confidence, dreams and objectives, as well as perseverance and hard work are part of daily life.”[1]

We are pleased to support this great team in their quest for success. We encourage people to have fun and get active. By encouraging cycling, we emphasize the importance of an active and healthy lifestyle, as well as the role played by local businesses in the careers of young athletes.