LEED certification, a benchmark seal for high environmental quality building.

By Anissa Robitaille

Assistant to the President

Telephone: 450-979-4847

What is the definition of “LEED”?

The abbreviation LEED is an international term that is synonymous with excellence in sustainability and leadership in green building. In summary, it’s all about reducing carbon emissions and operating costs, while encouraging sustainable practices.

According to the Building Council of Canada website, LEED homes have saved so far:

  • 21 million MWh of energy,
  • 4 million tons of CO2 less in greenhouse gases
  • and 37 billion liters of water.

Our model house in Mont Loup-Garou stood out and met the certification requirements of the LEED sustainable building rating system. Thus, the single-family dwelling has shown ingenuity! Due to the beautiful location enveloped by the forest, the house is in a socially and ecologically viable context. You will enjoy greater comfort, productivity and better health thanks to the minimization of the impact on the building environment, the higher energy efficiency as well as the superior air quality.

Mr. Mueller, President and CEO, Canada Green Building Council and Mr. Ramanujam, President and CEO, U.S Green Building Council have approved our LEED GOLD certification.

We are proud of this achievement and we are aware of the growing importance of the environment in our daily lives. Once again, we would like to thank our partners who allowed us to carry out this project and obtain this significant certification for the company.